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How does the corporate VIP points system work?
Anything over $100 spent earns you one point toward your FREE ride.

Here is an example:
White Plains to NYC $75 $90 0
Bedford to JFK $140 $168 1
NYC to Philadelphia $250 $300 2/3
7 Hr. Trip around NYC $350 $420 3/4

Coming soon! Cash in your points for event tickets and other items!


What if my flight is late?
We track your flight using the latest available technology so we should know if your flight is running late and we make all attempts to adjust our schedule so we can be on time to pick you up. Please keep in mind we need to dispatch the vehicle in advance so we can be on time to meet your flight. If you are delayed in the air within the last hour of flight by air traffic control and we have to wait beyond the grace period allowed for your account we need to charge waiting time fees for the vehicle. We keep records of all incoming flights and if we foresee a problem, we make a print out of the information so you can try to recoup the charges from the airline.

What if my flight is cancelled?
If your flight is cancelled and we receive at least a two hour notice there will be no charge we will transfer your reservation to the next flight you are able to schedule. If you can not cancel the reservation within the two hour window we charge the base rate of the trip, the gratuity and tolls are not charged. If you have to cancel in advance please read our service terms.

What is the "grace period?"
After your plane has landed we estimate that it takes approximately 45-minutes on Domestic flights to deplane and retrieve your baggage and 60-minutes on International flights. Your car will arrive at the airport based on these estimates and additionally we will wait for you an additional 20-minutes for public accounts and 30-minutes for corporate accounts before we will begin to charge waiting time. If you are traveling without checked bags please inform us upon making your reservation so the vehicle can be there as soon as the plane lands.

What if there is a delay in baggage will the car wait?
YES, as long as you call our toll free number after your grace period has expired, with Corporate accounts this is 30-minutes and with Personal accounts this is 20- minutes. If your flight is international we will wait up to 2-hours after your plane has landed until we will have to release the vehicle. Please read our information on International Arrivals below.

How are waiting time charges calculated?
On airport arrivals waiting time begins after the grace period has expired and is billed at our hourly base rate, plus gratuity in 30-minute increments. On hourly jobs waiting time begins after you have arrived at your destination until you depart for your final destination it is billed at our hourly base rate plus gratuity in 30-minute increments.

How do you handle International Arrivals?
Most international arrivals are predictable with one exception NY JFK Terminal 4 where 40 airlines clear customs through one terminal. All other International arrivals are treated just like our domestic arrivals except JFK Terminal 4. You have a combined time of one hour and twenty minutes before waiting time charges apply and a combined time of three hours before we release the vehicle unless prior we are notified of your delay. If you are a frequent flyer on an International flight you can request that the car arrives within a certain time frame when you make your reservation. All clients are picked up curbside unless otherwise requested upon making the reservation and a meet and greet fee applies. For all public rates a $25.00 fee applies to all international arrival pick ups at the airport curbside or inside meet and greet.

How do you work airport arrivals in general?
Beyond pricing and timing as stated above we meet customers in the closest pick up area to your baggage claim, most areas are marked with letters or numbers so when you call our toll free number after you retrieve your luggage we can tell you where to go. If you request a meet and greet in the terminal look for a sign with your last name at the concourse or secure area exit or at the entry way to your baggage claim area.

What if I get stuck in traffic and miss my flight?
Answer: Our drivers do the best that they can with the challenging traffic conditions in the Tri-State area to get you to your destination on time. We advise domestic travelers to build in extra time especially on departures where you need to check baggage we suggest allowing no less than an hour to get to the local airports (from most of our service area) and arriving two hours early for your flight more if it is International. Unless there are circumstances beyond our control this usually guarantee's that you will make your flight. If you choose not to heed our expertise then we don't feel responsible. Of course we can not be responsible for circumstances beyond our control however if you feel like you are going to miss the flight and have left as we instructed we will have the car wait at the airport until you notify us that you have made the flight or have made other arrangements. If you can not get booked on a flight that day and need to return home we will hold the car, give you a ride home at half fare and give you a 20% discount on your ride the following day.

What if I call the toll free number and no operators are available?
DON'T PANIC! Leave a message with your name, cell number and location. If we are on another line or out of the office your call should be answered by our service simply leave them your name, cell number and what pick up area you are located in. The operators will notify us immediately via text message and email or they might patch you directly through to the cell phone of the driver or supervisor on duty. Granted there will be times where it takes a few minutes to retrieve a message but if you are waiting for a pick up and leave us your cell number or specific pick up area location we will figure it out we are pro's.


How far in advance should I book my wedding?
As soon as you have confirmed your wedding date, church and reception location it is a good idea to book your limousine. The very best cars are reserved for the wedding season very early on, so don't wait.

How do I go about booking my wedding?
Give our office a call with your wedding information. There is a 50% deposit required for the all limousines. All balances are due 10 days prior to your wedding. A wedding contract is required.

What is included in a wedding package?
Our wedding package includes complimentary champagne or sparkling cider, red wedding carpet, Just Married sign and a professionally trained and attired chauffeur. Multi-car discounts are available. The chauffeur is there for you and to serve your needs.


What sorts of amenities and extras do I get with a PRIDELIMO Limousine?

Most vehicles have magazines, newspapers, water, satellite radio, dvd players, cell phones and car seats available at no added cost to you.

Other refreshments can be added upon request. Cocktails are not allowed in any vehicles but limousines. Sorry, this is a New York state law.


What kind of celebrity service do you provide?
Whatever you need, we will send out the best of the best if it is your first time using PRIDE LIMO. We work with Airport Greeters to meet and greet your artist right at the gate the minute they get off the airplane or arrive at the airport and escort them to the lounge or the vehicle if necessary. We work with event security to make sure your artist is protected moving from the event into the vehicle. We work with A/R and management to make sure everything stays on schedule and if not we report back to the appropriate party. We do not make you go through dispatch to find the vehicle you get the cell phone of any driver that is with your artist.

Can you give out references?
In order to give out references please send us an email request from your company or entertainment group or give us a call. We keep any artist information strictly confidential.

QUESTIONS? If you do not find our answer EMAIL us at info@pridelimo.com.
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